Managing your profile

Your Moodle profile includes information about you, such as your name, e-mail address, and location. After logging in to Moodle, you will see your name at the top right of the browser window which links to your Moodle profile.  You can also access your profile from the Navigation block.

When editing your profile, some settings are mandatory while others may not be available to you as they are locked by the system. Settings that have a   symbol next to them offer brief help on that particular setting.  Simply click on the symbol and a dialogue box will open with additional details about the setting. 

Follow these steps to modify your profile information. Edit profile

  1. From My Courses page click the Edit profile link in the Administration block.
  2. Click Expand all to expand each of the sections and reveal the options once on the Edit Profile page.


  1. Enter an address in the Email address field if it is blank or if you would like to set an alternate an e-mail address. Since this field is mandatory, it is important to set a valid e-mail address as Moodle will send you a message to confirm the validity of the account. If you are changing your e-mail address, you will need to confirm the email change before it will take effect.If you have a e-mail account, this field is automatically populated with your e-mail address.
  2. Specify who can see your e-mail address by selecting the appropriate option from the E-mail display drop-down list.Email format setting
  3. Select the desired e-mail format option from the E-mail format drop-down list. Modern e-mail clients display HTML formatted messages; therefore, you should leave the default setting Pretty HTML format.Email Digest Setting
  4. Select the desired option from the E-mail digest type drop-down listThis setting is particularly important if you are using Forums in your course since it determines how forum messages will be sent to you.Email address display
  • No digest (single email per forum post): This option will send you a separate e-mail message for each post made in a forum as it is added. The number of emails received will depend on how many forums you are subscribed to and how active they are.
  • Subjects (daily e-mail with subjects only): This option will send you an e-mail message that includes only a list of links to new forum post subjects for the day, including authors. You can click the subject link in the digest to view the complete forum post on Moodle.
  • Complete (daily e-mail with full posts): This option will combine all forum posts into one e-mail message. Required profile settings that must be entered are identified by this symbol. Unless specified otherwise, it’s best not to change any default settings.
  • From the Forum auto-subscribe drop-down list, specify whether Moodle will automatically subscribe you to a forum after your initial post. If set, this option will check to see if you are already subscribed to a discussion forum when you post a reply to it. You can unsubscribe from a forum at any time.Forum Subscription
  • Specify whether you want to keep track of new posts made in forums from the Forum tracking: drop-down list. Selecting Yes: highlight new posts for me will highlight forum messages that you have not yet been read so that you can quickly see what’s new. Although the setting you choose here will be the default behaviour for any Forum created in the course, this same setting is also available in each Forum, therefore you can modify it as necessary.   
    Forum Tracking Setting
  • Specify the desired text formatting option from the When editing text drop-down list. Selecting Use HTML editor (some browsers only) enables the Moodle HTML editor for entering text.  If this option is selected and your browser supports it, you will be able to use text-editing features and insert images. 
  • Enter your city or town in the City/town field.
  • Choose the country from the Select a country drop-down list. By default Canada is selected as your country.
  • Leave the default setting in the Timezone field.
  • Modify the default language from the Preferred language drop-down list if you want the Moodle interface to be displayed in a language other than English. 
    Note that themes can be set differently within each course by the instructor, which will over-ride the preferred theme set in your profile.
  • Set a desired theme from the Preferred theme drop-down list. This option allows you to change the look and style of the My Courses page as well as in your course. Please note that this option may not be available depending on how the course is set up.
  • Enter information you want to share about yourself in the Description text box. This description will be visible to all course participants in all your courses. Profile Description
  • User picture

    1. Add a picture to your profile in the User picture section by clicking the Add link or dragging the file from your local computer and drop it in the marked area (dashed rectangle).  The picture will display wherever your profile information is used such as in Forums or when someone views your profile.
    2. Other OptionsEnter a list of interests separated by commas in theList of interests text box.
    3. Use the Optional settings if you wish to offer more contact information.
    4. Click the Update profile button at the bottom of the screen to apply the settings to your profile.